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In case of arrest, there is no time to lose since our client will be immediately placed in court and with this should be requested the investigation that are relevant to neutralize any indication of guilt; it is necessary to direct the defense perfectly in order to control from the first moment the procedure.

To dominate the criminal law and jurisprudential doctrine, since they contain multiple interpretations many of them in favor of the defendant or investigated, and even to have knowledge of the different interpretative criteria followed by Fiscalía - some more harmful than others for the processed one -, owns of a criminal lawyer, which allows him from the outset to draw up an effective strategy directly aimed at ensuring that the most favorable criterion is applied to our client, thus destroying the guilt or directing the judicial investigation to prove those facts that are essential for exempt the investigated from criminal responsibility. Sometimes a seemingly insignificant fact becomes crucial for our client to be acquitted.

Even in cases where there are significant and numerous incriminating indications against our client, at least in appearance, a perfect knowledge of the procedural safeguards may allow us to declare the nullity of those essential tests to support the existence of the procedure itself, ensuring thus the necessary file of the proceedings.

Similarly, those who are harmed or offended by the crime may use effective criminal investigation instruments, which are usually underused, as criminal lawyers advise them adequately on the complexity of certain crimes, especially of an economic nature - property damage, pensions, which require specific investigations other than those commonly applied by the State security forces and bodies and by the Courts themselves.

It is a question of putting into the hands of our clients that treasure that represents the knowledge of the reality of the judicial and police system, advising him of the most effective means and resources that in each case can use for the perfect protection of his interests.