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Commercial Contracts

Commercial contracts are agreements made between several persons, private or legal, in which, voluntarily, it is agreed to transfer, modify or cancel a series of obligations and rights. It must be clear that the signing of this agreement will result in a series of obligations and rights that, if not respected, may be liable to be claimed by the courts.

Commercial Contracts

There are many different types of commercial contracts, so it is necessary, when writing or signing one, to have the appropriate advice, to ensure that it reflects correctly our will or there are no clauses or conditions not provided.

At our Marbella office you will have at your disposal a lawyer specialized in Commercial Law who can advise you on the preparation, negotiation and signing of any type of commercial contract in which you have to appear as signatory.

Among the most common types of commercial contracts are:

Purchase contracts: both movable and immovable property. Through it one of the parties yields the possession of a good to another part, by a consideration, usually monetary, in exchange, agreed between both.

Rental Contracts: through this contract the owner of a movable or immovable property assigns the use of his property to the other contracting party in exchange for an agreed price and with a determined duration.

Contract for the provision of services: in this case, a party agrees to provide a series of services, previously agreed, in return for remuneration, usually of monetary nature.

There are many other types of contracts such as transport, insurance, leasing...

Commercial Law is a very broad area of law and specifically all legislation that affects the drafting of commercial contracts requires to be dealt with by specialist lawyers.

Contact our law firm of Marbella, from which we can assist you in the drafting of any type of contract and advise you on the content of any contract you are going to sign.