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Other Areas: Civil Law, Criminal Law, Labor Law and Family Right

Our Marbella Law Firm has a multidisciplinary team capable of offering full legal advice in various areas of Law.

As lawyers with extensive experience behind us, we are able to take all of your legal matters professionally and effectively.

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Among other areas we offer legal assistance in:

Civil Law

This is one of the most extensive areas of law. Civil law covers all contract-related legislation. In addition to determining the basic characteristics that these must meet, it protects us against possible breach of contract, which we may claim even by judicial means, in defense of our rights and interests, for example in case of default by a client.

Criminal Law

The Spanish Criminal Code determines that acts can be considered as constituting offenses. Likewise, it establishes the minimum and maximum penalties that can correspond to who is declared as guilty of having committed one.

The most common crimes we face are those related to alcohol, ie driving under the influence of alcohol. They are also common the crimes of theft, robbery, scam, threats... For all of them we can offer legal advice and defense, including assistance to the detainee in police units.

Labor Law

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a worker, it is imperative that you get to know and advise yourself on work materials, in order to ensure that the legislation is complied with in this material. As an entrepreneur, we can help you in writing contracts, letters of dismissal, etc. as well as in the payment of payroll, settlements etc... in addition to offering our advice for more complex issues.

If you are a worker we will advise you of your rights and we will verify that both your contract and your working conditions are in accordance with the law. Likewise, in case of dismissal, we will check all the documentation associated with this to make sure that it is well done and, if not, we will help you to sue even in court.

Family Right

At our Marbella office you will find divorce and separation attorneys who will help you prepare and file the corresponding divorce or separation lawsuit. In addition, we will help you negotiate the conditions of the Regulatory Agreement, which is the document which will reflect the most important agreements such as child custody, child support, visitation regime, etc. If your divorce or separation is contentious (i.e., no agreement has been reached between the members of the couple), we will defend your interests in court in order to obtain the best possible agreement for you.

As you will see, in our office in Marbella you will find advice and support for any legal matter in which you need help.

If you have any doubts, contact us now and ask for more information and a first legal advice.