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Testaments and Inheritance

Sucessory Law is the area of law which gathers all existing legislation related to wills and inheritances.

At our law firm of Marbella we have experts in this kind of legislation and the completion of all formalities related to them.

If you are a beneficiary of an inheritance, you must carry out a series of administrative procedures before you can effectively manage it.

These steps may vary in complexity depending on the circumstances surrounding that inheritance. For instance, if a prior will was correctly drafted and/or registered or the grantor died without it, this will determine what steps will be taken to proceed with the declaration of the legitimate heirs.

It is also necessary to consider the degree of affinity of the possible heirs with the grantor of the inheritance, since the legislation contemplates different scenarios according to this affinity, if there was a bond of consanguinity and the degree of the same.

The declaration of heirs is a necessary legal requirement for the legitimate heirs in order to have access to the inheritance and to proceed with the distribution of the same.

According to our legislation, we find two types of heirs, the forced and the other heirs. The forced ones are those who the law points directly like heirs after the death of the grantor. There is an order of priority for the distribution of the inheritance according to the type of consanguinity relationship with the deceased. This way, the descendants have the highest priority, then the ancestors, and finally the widowed spouse.

Furthermore, don’t forget that it will be necessary to pay a series of taxes related to the inheritance which will depend on the amount of this, the regional and state legislation and the relation degree between the heirs and the deceased.

At our lawyers Marbella office we will advise you widely about the procedures you must carry out according to the legislation and we will be able to make the arrangements for you.

Likewise, if you are thinking about writing a will, you can use all our legal knowledge to help you write it correctly, so that your last wishes are unequivocally reflected.

We have lawyers specializing in wills and inheritances that can help you with any issue related to these issues. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and legal advice.