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Become autonomous in Spain

Nowadays many people consider creating a business in Spain. Become autonomous in Spain can be somewhat complex, since they must attend a series of procedures. However, this should not prevent us from fulfilling our objective; that is why we are going to point out what people who are considering this option can do.

Autonomous procedures

To have a business of your own, it is necessary that we attend to different obligations related to Social Security, Treasury, etc. That is why one of the first steps will be, as is logical, to register with the Treasury and Social Security, the latter within the Autonomous Workers Regime -RETA-.
For our premises, if we are going to open it for the first time, it will be necessary to obtain an opening license; In case that what we are going to do is improvement works, we will need the corresponding license.
On the other hand, given that most self-employed workers have a worker to help them, we must keep in mind the rules established by our legislation in this regard. For example: a law firm, architects or marketing specialists may need a secretary to assist them.

Labor and accounting advice

It is reasonable to seek professional help to guide us during this important task, since not only will it save us time, but also complications. In our Marbella Ofiice we have been helping those who are interested in taking the step of becoming self-employed for years. In parallel, in some cases it may be more beneficial to create a small business: in these situations we give the necessary information so that our client can decide what is best for them. If you want to know more about our services or start your own business right now, do not hesitate to contact our english lawyers. You can call by phone or leave us your information through the following form, which we will attend as soon as possible. It has never been so easy to have a business!