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Jurisdictions in Spain

When clients come to us, they tend to have doubts about the different jurisdictional orders that exist and how the Courts are organized. That is why ou rlawyer's Office wants to help you resolve any doubts on the subject, so we invite you to continue reading this article.

Types of Jurisdictions

Law in Spain is divided into four large 'branches', which are called Jurisdictions. This is very important because it will depend on the citizen going to one and another Court.
These Jurisdictions are:

  • Civil. It deals with matters related to the Civil Code, such as, for example, divorces and inheritance. Mercantile issues are also included here, although they are usually dealt with in a specialized court.
  • Penal. In this case, issues related to crimes are dealt with, which are those listed in the Criminal Code: robberies, injuries, crimes against sexual freedom, crimes against honor, etc.
  • Social. It deals with issues related to work, such as dismissals. Its main norm is the Statute of Workers.
  • Contentious-administrative. These are issues related to the Public Administration, such as, for example, appeals against fines, works licenses or challenges to administrative acts (once the administrative procedure is exhausted).

The spanish lawyers are experts in these matters and we will help you resolve any doubts you have about the judicial process, such as which court to attend or how the process will be developed.
Remember that the work of the Ombudsman is very important, because he works together with the lawyer; In most cases it is necessary to have a Procurator and a lawyer.

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