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The sector of domestic employees - formed mostly by women - has always had a scarce legal regulation. This has led to many violations of their rights. With the legal reforms that were carried out in 2012 in Spain, this group went on to have its own special system within the Social Security. It is also mandatory that there is a contract if the employment relationship will last at least 4 weeks. In this way, the Government intends for this group to be regulated, since on many occasions there were domestic employees who did not have a contract or were quoting, thus finding themselves in an irregular situation.
Household employees have the same rights as other workers, albeit with some specific characteristics of their situation. Thus, in terms of working hours, we can say that the maximum time is 40 hours per week, although it is possible to agree on times of presence in the house. This must be agreed in advance and may not exceed 20 hours per week of time of presence, unless compensated with a paid rest. Also, you are entitled to 30 days of vacation.

Home employee functions

The functions of these workers can include different types of tasks:

  • Domestic tasks;
  • Care of other family members;
  • And other jobs such as nursery, gardening, driving vehicles, when they are part of the set of domestic tasks

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