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Nowadays many people want to have their own business. New technologies and the development of transport have facilitated this situation. The number of people who have created or own business in recent years is very high. Some of these people have made their company famous worldwide.
If you are interested in creating a company, we invite you to continue reading this information.

First, to create a business it is important to have a main idea. What product do you want to sell? To which audience is your company headed? In which city or area do you want to work? Although these are personal questions, we can help you resolve them.

Secondly you have to take into account the amount of money available. This is very important because, in Spain, each type of society exiges a different investment. Once again we will help you choose the type of company best suited to you, taking into account the factors just explained.

Some people may also need help at other times. For example, even if your company already exists, you may need legal help in some ways. The most common doubts are usually the following:
- Applicable laws. In Spain, Spanish law applies, but other European laws must also be respected.
- Commercial operations, such as mergers.
- Doubts about taxation, for example, paying taxes.
- Doubts about contracts, whether commercial or other.
- Lastly, if necessary, we can also help you if your company is bankrupt (tax insolvency).

In all these aspects the help of a lawyer is important. The lawyer will study your case, analyzing the situation of your company. Then you will be told what to do.

Do not hesitate: contact us for more information. We have helped many people, both in this topic and in others. Our lawyers in Marbella work to provide a quality service to our clients.