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Marriages between foreigners and Spaniards

The increase in the population of other nationalities in Spain has meant an increase in the number of marriages between people of Spanish and foreign nationality, as well as between foreigners.

Because of this, it is frequent to find two types of cases, whose situation, from the point of view of the law is different: marriages between a person with Spanish nationality and another nationality and marriages between two people with foreign nationality.

Mixed marriages are the first case, that is, formed by a person with Spanish nationality and another foreigner.
In order for the marriage to be celebrated and legally recognized, the law establishes a series of prior procedures that must be complied with.
The purpose of these proceedings is to decide whether this marriage would be real or, on the contrary, it is in the interest of both members, which would be colloquially called a "marriage of convenience".
Before proceeding with the marriage, a file will be opened to begin the process. Among the documents to be included are

An affidavit from both partners regarding their marital status. If one of the partners is also divorced, a divorce decree must be filed.
The presentation of two witnesses attesting to the relationship between both members of the couple.
Updated birth certificates

Once all the requested documentation has been submitted and reviewed, and if all the information provided is correct, the file will be approved and the couple may marry.

After the legal marriage, the couple who do not hold Spanish nationality is legally considered to be the family member of their spouse and therefore a Community citizen with the right of residence.

The other case we may encounter is that of a couple formed by two people of non-Spanish nationality who wish to marry in our country.
In this case, the legislation establishes a series of requirements that both must meet in order for them to proceed with the marriage.
These requirements shall be supported by documentation to be provided during the procedure. Among others, they must provide: birth and civil status certificates, etc.

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