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Prosecutor in Spain

The work of the prosecutors in Spain very important in the judicial process, but sometimes we find clients who do not know exactly what our function is. To help you, we invite you to read the following article.

Prosecutor function in Spain

The prosecutors of the Courts, or simply solicitors, we are professionals of the Law that we are specialized in the judicial process (procedural Law). We take care of the technical representation of a client, while the lawyer will take care of his defense. This is included in the Law of Civil Procedure.
This comes to mean, in simple terms, that the attorney and the lawyer complement each other and form a work duo to help the clients. Some of the specific tasks that we carry out are the following:

  • Present the writings prepared by the lawyer:
  • Post announcements in Official Bulletins, when necessary;
  • Receive notices from the Courts and send them to the lawyer;
  • Perform the calculation of deadlines and maturities of the process, making sure that everything is completed within the time foreseen;
  • Pay court fees on behalf of the client;
  • Etc.

In short: if the figure of the prosecutor did not exist, all the functions would fall on the lawyer and the judicial process would be longer.

When do I need a solicitor?

In relation to this issue, many people wonder if it will be mandatory to hire a solicitor to intervene in your case. The truth is that this question will depend on the type of Jurisdiction before which we are: Civil, Criminal, Labor and Administrative Litigation. That is why it is convenient that you contact us and we study your situation, in order to tell you if it is mandatory that you bring a solicitor. Remember that the prices of a solicitor are fixed by a tariff and can be known in advance, in the case of fairly affordable prices.

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