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Recovering Spanish nationality

If in his day he obtained Spanish nationality for various reasons and because he obviously fulfilled the requirements, but due to circumstances he has lost it, he must know that he can recover it.

When you lose your nationality it is not forever, but if you want to recover it, you have to carry out a series of procedures in which our lawyers can help and advise you so that these are as agile as possible.

In order to recover it, a number of conditions such as regular and legal residence in this country must be met, although this does not apply to emigrants or the children of migrants. In addition to having documents, visas or work and residence permits in order.

Another requirement is that you will have to declare to the registrar of the Civil Registry that you wish to recover it by explaining your arguments and this must appear and be recorded in the Civil Registry.

The nationality may have been lost for different reasons, whether it was the Spanish nationality from birth or another nationality of its origin, in this second case there may be a need for prior authorization from the Government in order to recover it.

In this case, it refers to the loss of nationality due to causes such as the fact that only the nationality renounced when acquiring Spanish nationality has been used for three years, if a person voluntarily enters the service of arms or exercises a political post abroad, or if a sentence declares that the person concerned has been guilty of falsehood or fraud.

To recover it, you must go to the Civil Registry of your home or to the Spanish consulates that perform the same functions.

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