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Increasingly, the existence of a figure that directly affects workers is becoming known: it is mobbing or harassment at work.

What does it consist of?

It is a case whose main component is psychological. It may include behaviors such as hostilities, threats, and even indifference towards the worker. The person who suffers is impaired their ability to work and may even experience problems in their personal lives due to the stress and anxiety they endure.
The jurisprudence requires that to declare the existence of mobbing there is a continuous behavior over time and that it is sufficiently serious.

Mobbing: Legal consequences

The Spanish Courts are beginning to admit this figure as assimilable to an accident at work, so that the person who suffers can be compensated in the same way that would occur with other types of accidents.
As with other situations, the worker can inform the Labor Inspectorate about the events that have occurred. It is also recommended to have the advice of a specialized lawyer, especially if you want to file a claim against the company. In the latter case it is very important to collect evidence, since otherwise it will be very difficult to defend our position. This is the main problem faced by the victims: the difficulty in collecting evidence of what happened. We can use documents such as emails, letter of dismissal, and even voice recordings - as long as they do not violate the fundamental rights of the person involved. If the person affected by the harassment has received medical leave by a professional, it is highly advisable to also provide this test.
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