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Offenses and misdemeanors in Spain: the Spanish Penal Code
Until a few months ago in Spain there were different groups of crimes depending on the seriousness of the same: serious crimes, less serious crimes and misdemeanors.
This situation changed with the entry into force of the new Criminal Code. This legal reform took place in 2015 and was very important. After the reform, the offenses were repealed and replaced by another figure: that of minor offenses. This was one of the changes that had the most impact, therefore, it is true that all the modifications are important, we must recognize that the depression of the failures changed the structure of the Penal Code.

Real situation
From a procedural point of view The disappearance of the faults also implies that the so-called faults judgments will no longer be used, so that from now on slight faults will be used.
As we say, the structure of the name itself, which has nothing to do with a single heading or general title, but is regulated throughout Book II.

What has been the reason for this change?
The reform of the Penal Code was due to several reasons, and there have been many areas that were modified. Specifically, as far as it is concerned, it is intended to reduce the bureaucratic burden that exists so far. It is true that the misdemeanor trials were very numerous and, therefore, could clog the already saturated Spanish Justice.
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