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Currently there are many people who want to put their house for rent. Although this brings an economic benefit for the landlord, it is important to first know what our rights and obligations are: that is where real estate lawyers come into play.

Rental contract in Spain

It is fundamental that the rental contract contains all the requirements indicated by the Law, since otherwise, such a contract may lack sufficient validity. On the internet you can find some predefined models, but it is not advisable to use them without the assistance of a legal professional. Instead, a lawyer must be present to give us assurances that all clauses are correct. In addition, if your tenant fails to fulfill the contract, for example for doing works without permission, we will explain what you must do to terminate the contract.
The rental of houses in Spain is governed by the Law of Urban Leases -LAU- a Law of certain complexity, for which it is necessary for someone who has previous experience.

Rent and bail rent

One of the main issues for the tenant is, in addition to the pre-regular payment of the rent, the payment of the corresponding deposit. According to the Law, when the contract is entered into, the requirement and provision of a deposit in cash in an amount equivalent to one month's rent in the lease of houses and two in the lease for use other than that of housing will be mandatory.
We will help you to fulfill your rights and, in case the tenant does not pay you, we will explain the legal options you have.

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