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Sign a contract in Spain: english lawyers

With the end of the summer season begins an era in which it is likely that we have to sign a contract, either because we have found a new job or because the company decides to offer us a renewal or other circumstances. To come properly prepared we recommend that you keep in mind the following guidelines.


Currently the Minimum Interprofessional Salary is fixed at € 735.90 per month and € 10,302.60 per year. If we have any doubt about any salary supplement, we recommend reading the Collective Agreement before signing definitively; In any case, remember that you can also ask us at any time.

Extra hours in Spain

Another issue that also usually generates debate is related to extra hours. We want to inform you that these should be agreed freely between the employer and the worker, so if we do not agree with them we must communicate and not yet sign the contract. There are also certain limits on the number of overtime hours that can be required of the worker, since they can not exceed 80 a year, without taking into account those that may be required due to circumstances of force majeure -prevent or repair accidents or other extraordinary damages. and urgent-.
Work-life balance

The company that hires us must respect the permits offered by the Workers' Statute in terms of family and work conciliation, such as maternity and paternity leave, reduced working hours, leave for child care, etc. If the company discriminates against us during the selection process, for example by having children or being pregnant, we recommend contacting a labor lawyer to report the situation. If we have already signed the contract and we have some problem you just have to contact us.

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