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How much time should I expect to get Spanish nationality?

Obtain spanish nationality

If you are a foreigner and you are living in Spain, you would surely like to know what requirements must be met to apply for citizenship.As a general rule, in order to obtain Spanish nationality by residence, you must fulfill a period of ten years legally living in Spanish territory. However, according to the Civil Code, the residence time of one year will suffice in the following cases:

  • The one that was born in Spanish territory.
  • The one that has not exercised opportunely the faculty of opting.
  • The one who has been legally subject to the guardianship, guardianship or fostering of a Spanish citizen or institution for two consecutive years, even if he will continue in this situation at the time of the request.
  • The one that at the time of the request will have been married for a year with Spanish or Spanish and is not legally or de facto separated.
  • The widow or widow of Spanish or Spanish, if at the death of the spouse there is no legal or de facto separation.
  • The one born outside Spain of father or mother, grandfather or grandmother, who had originally been Spanish.

Therefore, if you are in any of these cases, we remind you that you can contact us to help you ask for citizenship. It is important to do this procedure with the assistance of an english lawyer, since it can be somewhat complex; Also, if something went wrong or they asked for new documentation, we would help you solve it. Nowadays the process is telematic, which means that it must be presented online and the process can also be followed online,
In addition to what has been said, there are other ways to obtain Spanish nationality, such as nationality by nature card, by state possession and by option. These cases, as they are somewhat less frequent, require a more personalized study.

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