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Crime of scams.Criminal lawyer in Spain

Currently scams are behaviors that occur with some frequency in our day to day, especially in the business and social fields. Some examples are, among others, those that are carried out through the internet; also those related to the purchase of a property; scams of false professionals (seers, healers ...); etc. The jurisprudence has numerous judgments on this issue, such as Sentence No. 1015/2013 of the Supreme Court of Spain (December 23, 2013), which deals with a scam that occurred in the field of the mobile market.
What to do in these cases? We give you some guidelines below.

Crime of fraud

The Criminal Code in Spain includes this type of situation and, thus, article 248 establishes the following:
Those who, with profit motive, use deceit enough to produce error in another, induce it to perform an act of disposition to their own or others' detriment.

The penalty for the crimes of fraud is the one of prison of six months to three years, although it can be increased until the six years if they occur a series of circumstances, like for example:

  • If the scam falls on things of first necessity, housing or other goods of recognized social utility;
  • If it is especially serious, depending on the entity of the damage and the economic situation in which it leaves the victim or his family;
  • If the value of the fraud exceeds 50,000 euros, or affects a large number of people;
  • Etc.

Request a criminal lawyer

It is very important that if we find ourselves in this position, we should contact a criminal lawyer, so that he can assess our situation and offer us legal advice. Thanks to the years of experience that we accumulate in our Office in Marbella, we can offer you legal defense against any type of crime: fraud, unfair administration, theft and robbery, etc. We recommend that you first request a previous appointment by phone or internet so that the service is faster.