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In Spain, as well as in other countries of the world, adoption of minors is permitted. We invite you to continue reading this article for further information.
There are two types of adoption: national and international.

-National adoption takes place, in this case, in Spain. This means that children living in this country will be adopted. Domestic adoption is usually quite long. However, efforts have been made to reduce waiting time.
The advantage is that this type of adoption is cheaper than the international one. Future parents will not have to travel long distances.

-International adoption, however, is the one that takes place between two different countries. This type of adoption is more expensive, because the future parents have to travel to another country. In addition, sometimes you have to translate the documents into another language. To help us with this task there is a procedure called apostille of the hague, which allows to legalize documents.
The advantage of international adoption is that it is usually faster. The process can be completed in a few months. It should be noted that in some countries single-parent adoption is not allowed. This means that they can only adopt two people, usually of different gender. This is because in these adoptions the laws of the country where the child lives must be complied with. In some countries of the world, single-parent adoptions, or same-sex marriages, are not allowed.

In any of these two cases it is very important to go to a specialized lawyer. It is a sensitive issue, so it is wise to seek the right professional.
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