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What is Corporate Complicane?

Corporate Compliance is a set of good business practices and procedures that aim to identify the legal risks that exist, while establishing mechanisms to prevent and control them. In simple terms, one could say that it is a 'route plan' established by the company and that concerns both workers and employers.
That said, you probably wonder if it compensates your company to have a Compliance program. From our point of view the answer is affirmative, for several reasons:

  • In the first place it will help us to create a fairer company for all those who participate in it;
  • We will also save ourselves from possible problems and headaches;
  • Consumers and users tend to make a more positive image of the company if it has implemented a program of good practices.

Criminal liability companies

Since the spanish Penal Code was reformed in 2015, legal societies also have criminal responsibility. This means that a crime can be imputed to them just as it happens with natural persons (individuals). Some of these crimes are, among others, scams, money laundering, crimes against the market and consumers, etc. The penalties for these crimes, although they depend on each specific crime, can range from the payment of fines until the dissolution of the company.
However, the condemnation of a possible crime can be avoided if the company previously had a Corporate Compliance system, which is obviously an advantage for the company if it had established this system. In summary: adopting a Compliance program is a guarantee of peace of mind for the company.

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