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Do I need a visa to work in Spain?

Every day more foreign people decide to come to work in Spain, either for someone else's account or to create their own business (self-employed workers). If you are in this situation, we explain how you can work in Spain and if you will need a visa.

EU citizens

To answer this question, we must first clarify that citizens who come from the European Union do not need a visa or work permit to work in Spain. These foreigners are under EU law and have their own rules; among other things, the EU allows the free mobility of workers and that is why a visa is not required.

If, on the other hand, you are a foreigner from a third country (non-EU foreign national) you will have to apply for a visa before working in Spain. In this case there are two types of visas:

  • Visa for work for others. It serves for workers who will be under the direction and orders of another person. The Workers' Statute will be applied to them.
  • Work visa for own account. As we have said before, it is useful for those who are going to start their own business and are not under the direction of any entrepreneur. The Statute of the Autonomous Worker will be applied to them.

Immigration lawyer

To apply for any of these visas, it is advisable to first go to an english lawyer to study your situation and ensure that you meet the necessary requirements. We will also help you with your passport and, once you are in Spain, we can indicate the other procedures you must do: apply for the NIE (Foreigner Identity number), family reunification, etc. Having professional help is very useful and it will also save you time, since we will take care of everything. If you want to make an appointment with our Marbella Office you can call us by phone or visit our website.