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How to rent my home

In the current era it is very common to find rental housing. If we own a property and want to rent it to obtain an income, it is convenient that we first take into account some aspects that we are going to point out below.

Rental contract

This matter is regulated by a law called urban leases. -LAU-. It tells us the content you should have in contract. Therefore, it is very important to comply with what the legislation says before writing it. There are many models on the internet but it is not advisable to use them, as this could result in the contract being declared void. For this reason it is recommended to go to a real estate lawyer to write the contract and resolve any doubts we have about it.

Choose tenant

Nor can we forget the role played by the tenant in the whole process. It is about selecting an appropriate tenant according to our own characteristics and what we are looking for. Thus, it will not be the same to rent a flat for students than another for professionals, for example.

Non-payment of rent

Unfortunately, it can happen that the tenant does not pay the rent or has some kind of problem. In these cases, it is convenient, in the first place, to try to reach an amicable agreement with said tenant; It is also recommended to record the payment requirement - for example, through burofax. If after the corresponding deadline remains unpaid, then we can start the judicial process of eviction for non-payment. However, we must contact a lawyer before taking any steps.

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