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Crimes against public health

Criminal lawyers receive inquiries about different types of crimes. In the case mentioned here we want to refer to those that have to do with drugs, which in the Penal Code are grouped under the name of Crimes against public health.
It is important to bear in mind that in this type of crime there is a difference between substances that cause serious damage to health (popularly called hard drugs) and those that do not cause it (soft drugs). In the first case there are, for example, cocaine, heroin and LSD, while in the second case we find cannabis, marijuana, etc.

  • In cases where the crime was committed using drugs that cause serious damage to health, it will be punishable by three to six years and a fine of three times the value of the drug.
  • In all other cases, it will be punishable by imprisonment from one to three years and a fine of twice the value of the drug.

To this we must add that some circumstances act as aggravating factors, that is to say, they suppose that the penalty indicated will be punished more harshly. Thus, the Penal Code indicates aggravating factors in facts such as the following:
-If the facts have been carried out in establishments open to the public by those responsible or employees thereof;
-If they are provided to children under 18 years of age, to mentally handicapped people or to people undergoing treatment for detoxification or rehabilitation.
-If the amount of drug is of notorious importance;

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