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Before getting married it is possible that two people need help on the economic regime they are going to choose. There are two basic regimes: that of acquisitions and the separation of assets. There is also a third modality that is the regime of participation in profits, although its use is not usually as widespread as the previous ones. Our role as matrimonial lawyers is to help you resolve any doubts you have with this issue, proposing in your case the regime that is most appropriate for the circumstances. The regime can be chosen before the marriage is celebrated but it can also be changed at a later time, for which matrimonial agreements will be used. This instrument, which many people do not know, is granted before a notary and can be very useful to lay the foundations of marriage.
Our role also includes helping those who want to end the couple and choose to ask for separation or divorce. Do you know what is the difference between these two concepts?

  • Divorce is the figure by which the conjugal bond is ended and the marriage is dissolved, thus proceeding to the liquidation of the assets.
  • Legal separation implies the cessation of the presumption of coexistence, but does not dissolve the marriage. Therefore, both spouses will remain married.

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In our Marbella Office we can analyze your case and help you with your separation or divorce. We know that it is not an easy decision, but we can accompany you during the process to make it as fast and light as possible. It should also be borne in mind that processes processed by mutual agreement are usually shorter and simpler to carry out, so we advise our clients to do it in this way whenever possible. A separation or divorce will be considered as mutually agreed when the claim is filed jointly by the two spouses, or one with the consent of the other. Instead, it will be contentious if the demand is presented by only one of the spouses.