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Inheritance attorney in Marbella

Claims, contracts and inheritances does not only deal with companies. What's more, we are aware that people are above companies. Its partners, its management staff, its employees, etc. We attend to your concerns and your needs: the transmission of the company, taxation, the personal problems that it entails?

Lawyers Marbella have a department specialized in Inheritance and Succession Law: preparation of wills, deeds of acceptance and division of inheritance, intervention in wills procedures, executor and accountant-frame.

We also advise people in other areas of Private Law, in everything that in one way or another may affect personal rights: quantity claims, urban leases, horizontal property, sanctioning proceedings, compulsory expropriation proceedings.

Through our specialized department with more than 30 years of experience in civil law and inheritance, we provide a quality and reliable response to cases that may arise in these fields. The high volume of clients advised and who have placed their trust in our team, give us enough confidence to address any issues that may concern a client in these areas.

Succession and Inheritance: Preparation of wills and inheritance agreements.

Study and planning of family and business successions.
Preparation of deeds of acceptance and division of inheritances.
Intervention in judicial proceedings for the division of inheritances.
Exercise of the post of executor and accountant-frame.


Sales and purchases. Donations. Disposals of use.
Preparation of purchase deeds and mortgage loans.
I study banking contracts.
Urban and rustic rentals.
Horizontal property.
Deeds management, cargo cancellation, tax settlements.
Tobacco and Stamp Outlets of the State: inter vivos transmissions or mortis causa, changes of location.


Preparation of requests and extrajudicial claims.
Formulation of lawsuits and legal claims for non-payment or non-compliance with obligations.
Enforced expropriations: claim for justiciability.
Claim infringement of fundamental rights.
Defence in disciplinary proceedings.