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Visa and student card in Marbella

In order for young foreign students to be able to study and study in Spain if they so wish, they will need the relevant documentation to be able to do so in a regulated manner. This is a simple procedure, it has to be demonstrated that you are enrolled in an educational or training institution.

Student visas will be valid for the same duration as the course or cycle in progress. When a student arrives in this country, he or she must apply for both the visa and the student card if he or she is going to stay in the country for more than six months and, to do so, he or she will go to the Spanish Consulate in his or her country of origin.

These cards will be valid for the time studied or for conducting research provided that they are not paid for in the workplace.

If you have these documents but your studies are longer than planned, or if the student is offered a job opportunity, your employer will be required to submit an application for a work permit if the activity is compatible with the studies, this is essential.

As far as the student card is concerned, we must be attentive to renew it two months before it expires, and demonstrate that it continues to study in this country, which has the financial means to survive and approve what is required of it.

You must also have your passport, the initial residence card, a certificate from the centre where you are studying and the application form.

If your papers are renewed, you can continue studying here for as long as necessary until you finish your studies.

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