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Eliminate criminal records

Criminal records appear automatically when a person has committed a crime. The Penal Code was reformed in 2015 and the old 'faults' disappeared, so now all the behaviors that appear in the Penal Code are considered a crime.
We believe that having a criminal record can complicate some tasks, particularly in the case of foreigners. They can deny us a visa and it will also cost us more to access a job, since in some of them they will ask for a criminal record certificate. The background will make it very difficult for us to obtain Spanish nationality, especially for foreigners from outside the European Union. Finally, in the most serious cases it can also imply expulsion from Spain.

So, what can I do if I have a background? The solution we can find is that, once a time has passed, we ask for the cancellation of our background. The spanish law requires that these waiting periods be met:

  • Six months for minor penalties.
  • Two years for penalties not exceeding twelve months and those imposed for imprudent crimes.
  • Three years for the remaining less serious sentences of less than three years.
  • Five years for the remaining less serious penalties equal to or greater than three years.
  • Ten years for serious penalties.

During this time it is also required not to have committed another crime, that is, not to be a recidivist.

Contact an english lawyer

Our advice: if you are in this situation it is advisable to seek professional help through an immigration lawyer. In our office in Marbella we can help you request that your background be canceled before the Ministry of Justice, in addition to giving you the information you need about any procedure (visa, passport, work ...). We recommend that you ask us for a prior appointment, by phone or online, in order to assist you faster and more effectively.