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How much does a lawyer cost? English lawyers

In general, it is usually unknown how much a lawyer costs in Spain, and if you need one, it is usually common to think that these professionals are expensive. Let's analyze if this statement is true and how we can act when we charge more than expected amounts.
First of all we must know that each Bar Association establishes its own fees, so it is advisable to consult the Fee Book in order to get an idea of ​​the fees that we will have to pay.
In any case, it is true that this area is nowadays fairly liberalized, which means that a lawyer has some room to maneuver when setting his prices. Now, the professional must inform us in advance how much we will have to pay for their services, as well as the payment method (single payment at the end of the process, installment payment ...). This is usually known as a custom sheet and has effects similar to those of a contract. When there is no order form and the lawyer claims an amount that has no relation to the case, it can be challenged. It is also very important that we ask the lawyer directly if the first consultation is free, since this situation is often taken for granted when it really is not.
When the opposite situation occurs, that is, in case the client does not pay his lawyer, he can also claim the amounts through a specific procedure: the Oath of Accounts. In this case we will be those that we can oppose, to understand that we have already paid or that the bill is excessive, or pay the amounts due.

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