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Family reunification in Marbella

If you are a legal resident in Spain, i. e. you have all the permits in force and are planning to reside for a long period of time or permanently in the country, you can reunite your family, i. e. you can get your family to come and live with you with all the legal guarantees.

At present, the legislation on aliens makes it clear that family members in particular can benefit from this reunification. These are: the resident's spouse or equivalent sentimental partner, the joint children of the resident's partner or children of one of its members over whom they have parental authority (i. e. dependent children) and the ascendants of one of the partner's members.

In order to be eligible for family reunification, a number of additional requirements must also be met. Within these requirements to highlight the most important are:

  • The residence permit of the person applying for family reunification must have been granted for at least one year and must be extended for a further year.

  • The applicant must have a dwelling that meets the conditions of habitability necessary to accommodate all the members of his family that he wishes to reunite.

  • The applicant must have the financial means to support the whole family to be reunited during his stay in the country. You must also have health coverage for them.

In order to apply for family reunification, in addition to meeting the requirements set out in the law, a series of procedures must be initiated and specific documentation must be presented.

The most important documents that we will be asked to provide will be those that allow us to demonstrate that the requirements regarding adequate housing, sufficient financial resources and health coverage for all members of their family to reunite are met.

This is a relatively complex process that requires the right legal advice to know what steps need to be taken, what steps need to be taken and the deadlines we have.

In addition, once reunification has been achieved, it is necessary to obtain additional permits for each family member.

For this reason, from our law firm specialized in Immigration Law in Marbella, we recommend that you seek the legal advice you need to carry out these procedures as expeditiously as possible, also increasing the likelihood of obtaining a favorable response from the Administration regarding your request.

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