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Residence for minors

At present there are many people living outside their country of origin such as in Spain, if there are couples and marriages who have been here for years and in a legal situation, it is not strange that their children are born in Spain.

These are children under the age of 18 who were born in this country but whose parents are foreign nationals, these children can apply for a residence permit within six months of birth and thus enjoy all the rights involved.

The only requirements to be met are: that one of the parents must have legal residence in Spain and that the parent who has such residence is the one applying for that of the newborn.

Another case may be that of children of a refugee father or mother or beneficiary of subsidiary protection, in which case the right to protection may be extended family in lieu of the residence permit.

Another case may be that the minor, a child of foreigners is not born in Spain but who later live here, in this situation and in order to obtain residency will have to stay in the country for two years without interruption, prove that he has sufficient means and housing, and also attend an educational institution, school or institute according to his age.

Likewise, minors who are out of Spain but one of their parents has been legally residing here for one year, the parent may request family reunification. What we must do is to have a dwelling to care for the child and a sufficient salary so that he or she does not lack anything, then we will have to wait for the acceptance and processing of the reunification.

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