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Divorce procedure in Spain: considerations

Starting a divorce procedure does not have to be complex, but it is worth taking into account a series of basic aspects such as the ones we are going to point out.

Choose type of divorce

If you are considering the option of divorcing you should know that the procedure can be presented in two ways:

  • Contentious. It is called that because only one spouse is the one who files the divorce claim.
  • Mutual agreement. It is when both spouses, or one with the consent of the other, present the claim jointly.

The lawyers recommend that the divorce be carried out in a friendly manner, whenever possible. This is very positive for the spouses because it will last less; In addition, they may also be accompanied by the same lawyer and attorney. For that reason, we invite you to reflect on it before making a final decision. In any case, we would like to add that it is also possible to modify the type of divorce once the process has begun (for example, from litigation to mutual agreement), provided that certain requirements are met.

Divorce with children

If there are minor children, your custody regime will have to be decided. This is a fundamental issue and one of the most frequent conflicts in divorces. Therefore, we remember that a good understanding between the parents is decisive so that the process does not take longer than the account. In case of doubts you just have to ask us and we will inform you about everything you need to know about the subject.

Legal assistance in Spain

Finally, before starting the procedure it is also advisable to dedicate some time to choose a lawyer in Spain who is specialized in the subject. In our lawyers office in Marbella we have years of experience behind us, as well as a team of professionals who will attend you from the first moment. If you want to contact us, you can send us your information through our web form.