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We all know that in a criminal trial there are several parties: the accused, the victim and a judge. But there is also another party, the Public Prosecutor's Office, which is not always known in these cases. Do you want to know more about this topic?

Function of the Fiscal Ministry

The function of the Public Prosecutor's Office, through the different prosecutors that exist in Spain, is to ensure that the law is complied with. We could say that they function as an impartial arbiter, ensuring that the process is fair and the rules are respected. Prosecutors can act in all legal areas: criminal, civil, labor ... although it is true that they have a very important role in criminal trials, since one of their duties is to participate in the prosecution of crimes.
We must know that it is perfectly possible to report a crime to the Public Prosecutor's Office. The law offers different possibilities to communicate criminal acts and one of them is, as we say, before the Fiscal Ministry itself. The prosecutor will examine the complaint and report to the Court; You can also start an investigation before continuing, if you think it is convenient. In case of having doubts about how to denounce some facts, it is convenient to first contact a criminal lawyer.
Tax price

The intervention of the public prosecutor does not have any direct cost for the interested party, since they are public officials paid by the State. In fact, prosecutors are prohibited from receiving any type of compensation other than those that correspond to them by law.

Criminal lawyer Marbella

In our office in Marbella we always work in coordination with the prosecution, respecting the provisions of the law. If you have any questions to ask, be it before or during the judicial process, you can let us know at any time. We also want to remind you that if you want more information on any topic related to a crime, you only have to ask for a prior appointment with our team of criminal lawyers.