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Are you considering divorce and are you worried that it will take a long time? This doubt is very common and that is why from our office in Marbella we want to help you.

Types of divorce

The length of time a divorce lasts depends on its complexity and the way it is processed. The latter can be of two types: by mutual agreement or contentious.

  • Divorces by mutual agreement are so called because the claim is filed at the same time by the two spouses, or it is presented by one with the consent of the other.
  • Contentious divorces are qualified in this way because the claim is presented unilaterally by only one of the spouses.

Approximately we can say that the duration of a divorce by mutual agreement is about 2 or 3 months, while the disputes can last between several months and a year. Of course, the more willing the spouses are to collaborate faster, the more they can solve everything.
There is also a faster divorce mode - called divorce express -. It is about the divorce before a Notary, which can be resolved in a few weeks. But keep in mind that it will only be possible to divorce in this way if you meet these previous requisites:
That it has been at least ninety days since the wedding;
That the spouses agree to divorce in this way - mutual agreement;
And that they do not have minor children, or legally incapacitated.

English lawyer for divorce

In all cases of divorce it is necessary to have the presence of a lawyer, since it will be who drafts the proposal of the Regulatory Agreement and who defends the interests of the spouses. In divorces by mutual consent, a lawyer representing the two members can be taken, while in the litigation this is not possible.
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