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Do you want to ask for divorce? In that case, we can help you.
A couple crisis is a difficult situation. Firstly, we suggest a friendly settlement between the two. However we understand that this is not always achieved. Because of this, the second step is to seek a legal solution to the problem.
In Spain there are two options: legal separation and divorce.

-Legal Separation:
In this case the two people will still be married. The marriage bond is not broken. If the spouses want to get back together, they just have to tell the judge. It will not be necessary to remarry.
It is a solution that can be useful before you file for divorce; as a period of consideration.
In this case, the marriage is definitively terminated. There will be no union between the spouses. If they want to be together again, they must marry to have legal effects.

What happens to the children?
If the couple has minor children, of course this will be taken into account. The divorce process should determine the custody of the children.
There are two types of custody: shared custody and sole custody. In the first case, both parents will share the care of the child. In the second one, only one will take care of the child and welcome him into his home. In divorce where there are children, the Attorney General always intervenes.

Do you need further information?
It is normal that you need to ask questions or have doubts. In that case you do not have to worry: we will help you. From the beginning of the process, our site in Marbella we will explain all the necessary information, including the one we have mentioned about custody of your children. Our lawyers are specialist in various themes. You can call us by phone, or also contact us through our website.