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Contentious divorce. Abogado en Marbella

If you would like to divorce, the next warning can be helpful. Difficult marriage experiences are, unfortunately, a delicate moment in someones life.

The best solution is not to let it happen, but if it happens, it is good to know what options we have at our disposal to end such a union, if reconciliation between the two members is not possible. Divorce is discussed in two different ways: through litigation or by mutual agreement.

In both cases, we have available to you that the two are called judicial, that is, they happen before a judge. This is the difference between this and the notarial type, which is celebrated before a Notary Public.

The so-called contentious divorce is where the writ of suit is filed by only one spouse, it could be because the other is foreign to it, or it could be because it is dissatisfied with the idea of breaking the marriage bond.

In this type of case there must be two lawyers, by obligation. The duration of contentious divorce is longer than the rest. Nevertheless, we clarify that what is said depends on many circumstances and that each case has a specific situation, so it is not possible to guess the literal time in which this procedure will end.

Secondly, we can see the divorce called by mutual agreement. In these cases, the lawsuit will be written jointly in any case, which means both members at the same time. The idea of this situation is that they should both be assisted by the same lawyer, saving unnecessary costs.

It also differs from the previous one in that it is more rapid: There is another solution, which is the previously indicated notarial divorce. Without intending to lengthen this way too much, we will say that this divorce reduces the waiting time much more considerably. It would be good if, in addition to divorce, we could consider legal separation. Both are equally reasonable.

The separation does not extinguish the bond between spouses. There will simply no longer be a presumption of coexistence. If they repent, it would be enough to ask for it, without the new marriage.

All of this will be done quickly if you have the expertise of a specialist lawyer. If they have children, it will also be discussed, as it will influence their care. Call us for more information.