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All workers who have suffered a dismissal can claim it if they consider it appropriate. Currently a large number of dismissals are declared inadmissible, either because the company made them without following the channels provided in the Statute of Workers, or because there is an error in the specific case. Be that as it may, we must bear in mind that before going to the Courts, it is mandatory to carry out a prior act of conciliation, in order to reach an agreement between the worker and the company. This is done by presenting a Conciliation Certificate before the corresponding Services. Although this procedure can be done without the presence of a lawyer, we recommend that you always go with one. The reasons are of different types: First, the worker does not always have all the knowledge that is needed in this matter. In the second place, companies are always advised by their respective lawyers. And third, the worker is likely to be nervous, as we remember that a dismissal is a hard process that can affect us emotionally.

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For all these reasons it is essential to have a specialized lawyer, that is, a labor lawyer. Some people turn to Social Graduates instead. Although this option is perfectly valid, we must bear in mind that it also has some limitations. These professionals do not have as broad a vision of the Law as that of lawyers. In addition, some judicial remedies (such as those before the Supreme Court) can not be directly addressed by the Social Graduates. That is why the figure of the lawyer is always preferable. We remind you that our office in Marbella offers assistance in all types of labor law matters: challenge of dismissals, review of contracts or collective agreements, social security, etc. Do not hesitate to request an appointment with us if you want more information.