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Franchise contract in Spain

Commercial contracts in Spain

Within the different commercial contracts that exist in Spain, one of them is the franchise contract. It is a collaboration between two parties, franchisor and franchisee, where the former provides the latter with rights or services to be exploited commercially, in exchange for receiving an economic consideration. As we can see, both parties get an advantage from this agreement. An example of franchising is that of the fast food brand McDonalds. This company has establishments throughout the world and guarantees that the same type of food is served in all of them. We can also cite the examples of Eroski and Carrefour express, among others.
What standards are established for the franchise?
At the level of the European Union, this issue is regulated by Regulation 4087/88. The Regulation defines the franchise as follows: 'is a set of industrial or intellectual property rights relating to trademarks, commercial names, establishment signs, utility models, designs, copyright, "Know How" or patents, which must be exploited for the resale of products or the provision of services to end users'. In Spain, we must also take into account Law 7/1996, of January 15, on the regulation of retail trade.

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